Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Christian Church Sucks

Stuff I seemed to hate before no longer bother me (IE Premartial sex)

I have just overcomed the brainwashing the christian church inflicted upon me when I was younger.

First off. I DOUBT God is going to condem anyone to hell except maybe adolf hitler and the truely wicked (yes I still believe God exist and I still believe there was a Jesus Christ) But first off. I doub't God is going to condemn people to hell for just not believing. This is a very confusing world. I pictured myself standing in front of a beautiful angel one night. She came off as this all loving devine being. But there was a catch she told me ""Your loved and good but screw anyone who isen't of our belief there all going to hell"" That is what caught me. My mind gave this hot angel all the beliefs of the christian church. How can an angel be "ALL LOVING" when she speaks of damning innocent people to hell?

The church tells you when you go to heaven you will be able to look down from heaven and see hell to see everyone suffering. Okay there are a few flaws with that. For one heaven is supposed to be a "perfect" universe. All love no hate, no suffering. If I was standing in heaven I woulden't have the stomach nor the heart to look down and see people suffer. That is NOT perfect and all loving. That is the most facist ideal of the whole concept.

With that said. Im going to talk about the other lies of the christian church and I REALLY hope Alot of you pastors, teachers, and anyone who preaches this shit is reading this...

#1 Darwin was NOT an atheist. Take some time to read his book.

Yes, thats just it! Stick your heads in sand! You people reject anything that comes off as unknown to you. As stated in Genesis. "Knowlege is the ultimate evil" Thats right from your perspective. Because anyone with knowlege would know the stuff your preaching is bullshit. To those people who know the bible like the back of hand. Don't even start. "OOHH BIG DEAL YOU KNOW AN ENTIRE BOOK FULL OF LIES AND CONTRADICTIONS" Ya please humor me. Lets go over some topics that you seem to love shooting down.

Pornography: Porn isen't bad. (Kiddie porn is) But there is nothing wrong with seeing naked women. In the book of Genesis adam and eve were NAKED until they bit out of the apple. In HEAVEN people are going to be NAKED. And for the people who choose to strip. GOOD FOR THEM Theres nothing wrong with that. Oh and You should read Song of Solomen its in the bible! The entire book has pornographic and sexual referances. I will take some tits any day!

Homosexuality: First off. The human body is only a vehicle for the soul, the soul has no gender. The only thing that defines gender is the gender of the body and how the hormones are programmed. GUESS WHAT. YOUR ALL AC/DC! because in heaven (if we even have bodies up there) There will be no limits to love.

Evolution: <- Quite possibly what God used to create us.

Aliens: If it can think intelligantly and has a soul its "Human" Physical form (if it has 8 arms is irrelavant) if it can think intelligantly like you and me its "Human" Oh and THERE ARE ALIENS IN THE BIBLE! RE-READ REVALATIONS.

Occult: Besides illusionist who are using simple tricks and stages to fool you (which isen't magic) Witches and warlocks are just idiots who chant random shit. Yes they do have potions and spells. The magic ingrediants include Pot, and L.S.D Magic has never existed only has it in the human mind.

Music: Heres the deal. I will listen to anything I like. Including the Steve Vai song I have up there which I think sends a VERY clear message. I love how you try to tell your members what and what not to listen to. I listen to all kinds of Bands you absolutly hate. Heres the thing. I don't care about the bands background or beliefs. If they sound good. Then Im going to listen to them.

Let me list a few so you can get bent.

Steve Vai
Puddle of Mudd
Enya (The celtic lady that sings so damn well)

And the list could go on for ever anything I like I listen to period.

Cursing: If there was no such thing as verbal speech how could a curse word exist? Infact If our langauge was spoken a differant way there is a good possiblity that the word "Cat" would be equivellant to the word "Fuck" Curse words are just another abstract thought by you stupid human beings!

Austin 3:16: besides being a damn good wrestler you hate him because of the 3:16 initials. Probabally because it relates to "John 3:16" Well guess what it says 3:16 PM on the clock right now! Numbers are another abstract thought just as math. If our number system where any differant the two would be totally unrelated. 3:16 stands for the time he can be in and out of the ring dumbasses again. Just stick your heads in the sand. (There are also some christian wrestlers including Kurt Angle Incase you diden't know)

World of Warcraft: I Haven't been in church for years but my gut instinct tells me you are over there bitching about this one. "WoW IS EVIL BECAUSE IT HAS WITCHCRAFT AND DEMONS AND ALCHOLE ITS INMORAL BAN IT BAN IT!" Please... I play World of Warcraft myself. The only thing the devil probabally has influence over is how long it takes to level and how people lose track of real life... Other than that great game.

Science fiction: Another great example of how you assclowns stick your heads in the sand. I saw the trailers for "Jesus Camp" There was a fat old camp consoler screaming infront of a bunch of children "IF HARRY POTTER LIVED IN JESUS'S TIME HARRY POTTER WOULD BE PUT TO DEATH!!!" Okay first off. That is if Harry Potter even existed, which he doesn't. He is a part of a thing called "FICTION" as in HE DOESN'T EXIST!

Here is another funny case. My 7th grade teacher actually thought "Stephan king's Rose Red" was a reality TV show where a group goes into a haunted house. Except Rose Red was NOT a reality TV show it was indeed a 3 part horror flick by none other than Stephan King. Except in this movie the slasher is the entire house and it was pretty freaky. But to my teacher it was a reality.....

(This is also coming from the teacher that gives her kids the belt if they don't know a certain bible verse, Ya thats just it, force your own insane beliefs on your own kids. I hope they run away when they are old enough. I would have if my parents were ever like that.)

Internet: Ohh... I rerember my moron private school prinicple gave a speech on this one. (Name of principle censored to protect the fool) Heres a good question. If there internet was so evil. Then why the hell do you have a website up? The Internet is pretty much the outside the world. It contains both good and evil and more importantly people like myself.

Now for the conclusion. You people are stupid hipocrites. If there IS a hell. I hope you rott in it for giving God such a bad name. Why do I wish this? Because you are the truly wicked. By your facist believes there are good hearted people that I love that are going to Rot in hell. Yes that is right I HAVE TURNED! LET ME GUESS YOU ARE GOING TO PRAY FOR ME??? here is a better idea, pray for yourselves. You people are judgemental. You claim you are openly forgiving and all accepting and yet you will not accept people who do seek help only because of there past or present life styles. You contradict your own beliefs and seem to enjoy having your head in the sand.

Im done. ~ Reverend Casper

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