Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Christian Church Sucks

Stuff I seemed to hate before no longer bother me (IE Premartial sex)

I have just overcomed the brainwashing the christian church inflicted upon me when I was younger.

First off. I DOUBT God is going to condem anyone to hell except maybe adolf hitler and the truely wicked (yes I still believe God exist and I still believe there was a Jesus Christ) But first off. I doub't God is going to condemn people to hell for just not believing. This is a very confusing world. I pictured myself standing in front of a beautiful angel one night. She came off as this all loving devine being. But there was a catch she told me ""Your loved and good but screw anyone who isen't of our belief there all going to hell"" That is what caught me. My mind gave this hot angel all the beliefs of the christian church. How can an angel be "ALL LOVING" when she speaks of damning innocent people to hell?

The church tells you when you go to heaven you will be able to look down from heaven and see hell to see everyone suffering. Okay there are a few flaws with that. For one heaven is supposed to be a "perfect" universe. All love no hate, no suffering. If I was standing in heaven I woulden't have the stomach nor the heart to look down and see people suffer. That is NOT perfect and all loving. That is the most facist ideal of the whole concept.

With that said. Im going to talk about the other lies of the christian church and I REALLY hope Alot of you pastors, teachers, and anyone who preaches this shit is reading this...

#1 Darwin was NOT an atheist. Take some time to read his book.

Yes, thats just it! Stick your heads in sand! You people reject anything that comes off as unknown to you. As stated in Genesis. "Knowlege is the ultimate evil" Thats right from your perspective. Because anyone with knowlege would know the stuff your preaching is bullshit. To those people who know the bible like the back of hand. Don't even start. "OOHH BIG DEAL YOU KNOW AN ENTIRE BOOK FULL OF LIES AND CONTRADICTIONS" Ya please humor me. Lets go over some topics that you seem to love shooting down.

Pornography: Porn isen't bad. (Kiddie porn is) But there is nothing wrong with seeing naked women. In the book of Genesis adam and eve were NAKED until they bit out of the apple. In HEAVEN people are going to be NAKED. And for the people who choose to strip. GOOD FOR THEM Theres nothing wrong with that. Oh and You should read Song of Solomen its in the bible! The entire book has pornographic and sexual referances. I will take some tits any day!

Homosexuality: First off. The human body is only a vehicle for the soul, the soul has no gender. The only thing that defines gender is the gender of the body and how the hormones are programmed. GUESS WHAT. YOUR ALL AC/DC! because in heaven (if we even have bodies up there) There will be no limits to love.

Evolution: <- Quite possibly what God used to create us.

Aliens: If it can think intelligantly and has a soul its "Human" Physical form (if it has 8 arms is irrelavant) if it can think intelligantly like you and me its "Human" Oh and THERE ARE ALIENS IN THE BIBLE! RE-READ REVALATIONS.

Occult: Besides illusionist who are using simple tricks and stages to fool you (which isen't magic) Witches and warlocks are just idiots who chant random shit. Yes they do have potions and spells. The magic ingrediants include Pot, and L.S.D Magic has never existed only has it in the human mind.

Music: Heres the deal. I will listen to anything I like. Including the Steve Vai song I have up there which I think sends a VERY clear message. I love how you try to tell your members what and what not to listen to. I listen to all kinds of Bands you absolutly hate. Heres the thing. I don't care about the bands background or beliefs. If they sound good. Then Im going to listen to them.

Let me list a few so you can get bent.

Steve Vai
Puddle of Mudd
Enya (The celtic lady that sings so damn well)

And the list could go on for ever anything I like I listen to period.

Cursing: If there was no such thing as verbal speech how could a curse word exist? Infact If our langauge was spoken a differant way there is a good possiblity that the word "Cat" would be equivellant to the word "Fuck" Curse words are just another abstract thought by you stupid human beings!

Austin 3:16: besides being a damn good wrestler you hate him because of the 3:16 initials. Probabally because it relates to "John 3:16" Well guess what it says 3:16 PM on the clock right now! Numbers are another abstract thought just as math. If our number system where any differant the two would be totally unrelated. 3:16 stands for the time he can be in and out of the ring dumbasses again. Just stick your heads in the sand. (There are also some christian wrestlers including Kurt Angle Incase you diden't know)

World of Warcraft: I Haven't been in church for years but my gut instinct tells me you are over there bitching about this one. "WoW IS EVIL BECAUSE IT HAS WITCHCRAFT AND DEMONS AND ALCHOLE ITS INMORAL BAN IT BAN IT!" Please... I play World of Warcraft myself. The only thing the devil probabally has influence over is how long it takes to level and how people lose track of real life... Other than that great game.

Science fiction: Another great example of how you assclowns stick your heads in the sand. I saw the trailers for "Jesus Camp" There was a fat old camp consoler screaming infront of a bunch of children "IF HARRY POTTER LIVED IN JESUS'S TIME HARRY POTTER WOULD BE PUT TO DEATH!!!" Okay first off. That is if Harry Potter even existed, which he doesn't. He is a part of a thing called "FICTION" as in HE DOESN'T EXIST!

Here is another funny case. My 7th grade teacher actually thought "Stephan king's Rose Red" was a reality TV show where a group goes into a haunted house. Except Rose Red was NOT a reality TV show it was indeed a 3 part horror flick by none other than Stephan King. Except in this movie the slasher is the entire house and it was pretty freaky. But to my teacher it was a reality.....

(This is also coming from the teacher that gives her kids the belt if they don't know a certain bible verse, Ya thats just it, force your own insane beliefs on your own kids. I hope they run away when they are old enough. I would have if my parents were ever like that.)

Internet: Ohh... I rerember my moron private school prinicple gave a speech on this one. (Name of principle censored to protect the fool) Heres a good question. If there internet was so evil. Then why the hell do you have a website up? The Internet is pretty much the outside the world. It contains both good and evil and more importantly people like myself.

Now for the conclusion. You people are stupid hipocrites. If there IS a hell. I hope you rott in it for giving God such a bad name. Why do I wish this? Because you are the truly wicked. By your facist believes there are good hearted people that I love that are going to Rot in hell. Yes that is right I HAVE TURNED! LET ME GUESS YOU ARE GOING TO PRAY FOR ME??? here is a better idea, pray for yourselves. You people are judgemental. You claim you are openly forgiving and all accepting and yet you will not accept people who do seek help only because of there past or present life styles. You contradict your own beliefs and seem to enjoy having your head in the sand.

Im done. ~ Reverend Casper

Who gives a flying rat's ass about the Oscars?

''BIG NEWS! So and so wore a certain dress at the Oscars......etc....''

Okay this is a message to the media. I doub't your going to read this but here is a message for you. SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY! The Oscars are over and every news channal is still going on about it.

I diden't give a shit when the Oscars WERE ON. What makes you think I give a shit now? Oh! Get this. At the Oscars John Travulta and his overattractive and stupid wife claimed they were "religious" and the dumbass anchor interviewing them congradulated them. What is there so called "Religion" SCIENTOLOGY. Don't even get on Scientology. We all know Scientology is NOT a religion, all one big scam created by a con artist who had an insufficiant manhood, His name being Lron Hubbard.

GMA, CNN. Don't you have anything BETTER to cover? Maybe the children in africa who are starving. The only Celebrity I have found interesting in the past few weeks is Brittney Spears. (I think she looks good bald) But last week she went sandman on the Paparazzi <- (however the hell that word is spelled.) So that makes her badass while all the squares call her "a cry for help." But the Oscars. Give me a break. Like I really WOULD want to watch glitz and glamour facism at its finest. Ive never been a fan of glitz and glamour. Beauty is only skin deep. THAT MEANS WHEN YOU GET OLD AND WRINKLY YOUR NOT SO PRETTY ANYMORE! Whats the point of it? Oh and masterbation is not an exuse. (In my opinion giving into ones hormones is weak and pathetic but thats for another time) Eitherway. WHY LOOK AT SOMETHING YOU WILL NEVER HAVE???

The Other day Fox news did a segment. They showed teenagers and young girls a picture of Rosa Parks. NONE OF THEM KNEW WHO SHE WAS. But when they pulled out a picture of Paris Hilton (A person who has made NO GREAT ACHIEVMENTS WHAT SO EVER) All of them could Identify her. To all you groupies reading this. There is only ONE piece of factual Gossip you need to know about these "stars" you look up to and here it is. THEY ARE EQUALLY AS STUPID AS YOU ARE GET SOME REAL FUCKING ROLEMODELS!

Im done.


Today I saw something on the news I thought was a joke. A female Astronaut attempts to comit first degree murder on another astronaut, by driving 900 miles (wearing a diaper so she woulden't have to make any rest stops thus meaning she shit and pissed herself all the way and sat in it for days) THEN when she found the other astronaut. She went physco and attacked her victom's car with Pepper spray and a BB-gun. Since her victom was in a car she went Sandman on the car to get the victom. She managed to crack the victoms car enough to fill the cabin with her pepperspray before the victom finally drove away and reported it.

Heres the Irony. THIS IS AN ASTRONAUT! A person who has been through vigerous training, someone who has mastered every advanced math on the planet. Someone who is trained to endure a good period of time in the dark vacuum of space (which will drive people mad after awhile.) Goes out and does this.

First off. With failed love, It practicly gives you 3 personalities. There is the personality that loves the person to death. The Personality is enraged by the fact that you love them and they don't give a rat's ass about you. And the 3rd personality is your logical side which craves both. Now When your in a dire situation as hers it switches nearly every hour. MEANING while she was driving 900 miles wearing a diaper sitting in her own shit, She had ALOT of time to think this over. That ride had to be atleast a few days long. THAT IS ENOUGH TIME for a shift.

Second. If I were to go on a crazyed adventure to do some crazy assed thing. I WOULD ATLEAST STOP TO USE THE RESTROOM! HEY LADY NEWSFLASH! YOUR NOT IN SPACE! YOU ARE HERE ON EARTH DUMBASS! THERE ARE COUNTLESS BATHROOMS ON THE SURFACE OF THE FUCKING PLANET! And for a women that is the most unfemine thing ever. Drive 900 miles sitting in your own piss and poop!

Third. If your going to kill someone. FOR CRYING OUTLOUD YOUR AN ASTRONAUT! Why not just wait for the next shuttle mission then flush your victom out the airlock. That would kill em for sure! After all in space NOBODY can hear you scream, and Oh yes your in luck because the authorities would be able to do nothing about it since your atleast 200 miles above nearest police station. (That is only if they don't get China to launch there new Anti Sat Missle at you.)

Congradulations NASA. On making America looking even more like a joke.

Going to church DOES NOT make you religious.

Okay. Im getting VERY sick of people who claim "Im not a christian because I refuse to go to church"


Through out my elementary years I went to a christian private school which was ALSO a church. Some of the people who made me the saved christian I am today stole money from the church. WOW HOW HOLY IS STEALING MONEY FROM YOUR OWN CHURCH???

These people preach about how ONLY GOD HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE. And yet hear is one proclaimed "Born again" teacher in the middle of class Insulting and proclaiming a middle school principle is an abomination because of her sexual preferance.


Another good example. I was asking a girl I knew back in highschool about her church. She clearly states "Eh your not my relgion" I looked up the church. Born again christian church. Besides the fact that she made that COMPLETLY ignorant statement, But the fact SHE HAS NO RELGION. (lets not forget she cursed Jesus's name in vain OUTLOUD in class (with a few F bombs) while wearing a gold cross neckalous and I believe a "WWJD" wristband. I can't believe I had feelings for that dumbass back then.

I miss people like John Edwards (Not the con-artist that talks to dead people, Im talking about the preacher) He told the church and people AS IT IS.

My good childhood friends from My old chistian school have gone down the drain. This would be a GREAT example. This person I knew from almost my ENTIRE childhood. She was EXTREAMLY intelligant like the rest. But it seems like when they entered society that intelligance was stripped from them. Lets take a look at a "LONG TIME NO SEE AIM SESSION with her" Names edited out

****: hey i have a random question for you
Wraith Beliskner: sure
Wraith Beliskner: Shoot
Wraith Beliskner: And hey we havent talked in awhile I have a question for you too! How have you been?
****: i used to have a fake id. well, really it wasnt fake it was someones real one that they let me have because they got a new one. anyway, i lost it and now i need a new one because i cant go out anywhere with my boyfriend anymore. do you know anyone who makes them or any reliable place i can get one
Wraith Beliskner: FakeID to get into clubs over your age?
Wraith Beliskner: fakeID for what?
****: yeah, fake ID to get into places that i am not old enough to get into so i can go out with my boyfriend and his friends.
****: i feel bad because he wont go out unless i can because he dosent want me to be left out
Wraith Beliskner: No. for many reasons
Wraith Beliskner: 1st being I dont know anyone who does
Wraith Beliskner: 2.) Im really against that type of stuff I know your drink I respect that but I perfer you dont talk to me about this subject
****: ok
****: im sorry
Wraith Beliskner: and 3.) If your going to do that becareful
****: i dont want to offend you
Wraith Beliskner: You can get slamed and in deepshit if your caught
Wraith Beliskner: no no you dident dont worry
Wraith Beliskner: But sneaking into clubs is not my buisness. I dont indulge and I dont plan to. Only if its for medical reasons.
Wraith Beliskner: Also I dont promote it anyway thats the main problem with this country is to much underage drinking. Thats why I hate MTV so much.
Wraith Beliskner: Yeah so just dont mention this kind of stuff with me unless you want to get me started over how much I hate the subject lol
****: whatdid you want to ask me about
Wraith Beliskner: How have you been doing hows life and all?
****: its been great
Wraith Beliskner: same
Wraith Beliskner: How old is **** btw?
****: 23
****: he just turned 23
Wraith Beliskner: Holy.... Well your 18 so nvm. Still quite a gap lol.
****: ill be 19 in a month
****: its not that bad, ****'s boyfriend is 24

A 23 year old smuggling an underage into a club in my opinion is 2 no 3 words.

Even if I KNEW someone who could make fake IDs I would still NEVER tell, You know my old friends seem to think I know all this stuff because my group has alittle "Knowlege with computers, sneaking into stuff, and just in general my old friends KNOW Im a real life Rogue. However I use my Rogueish skills to DESTROY the stuff that DESTROYED them. I use my skills for good.

Here is another thing I can't stand.

"Good Morning America"
When I wake up in the morning. I WANT TO HEAR SOME FUCKING NEWS. Not about some celebrities failed 2 month relationship with some overattractive actor or actress.

A year ago I met my first MAJOR heartbreak. I loved a girl for 3 years. The dumbass I mentioned above. Turns out she diden't give a RATS ass about me. Since I never faced heartbreak before it burned me for months and I fought it with the cure that I posted below. YOU DON'T SEE ME CRYING ON TV DO YOU?

With dreams to be a star and all that media attention, FIRST one should be a man.

If I offend some of you and some of my friends who happen to read this. I will tell you one thing. You see that man in my picture holding the stick? That is my Favorate ECW wrestler. He is called "The Sandman" Now he drinks smokes and and USED to have a bad drug addiction. But I will tell you what. This man has come very far. He is very intelligant, and for someone who has been in alot of bar brawls he has a great political side. Now the Sandman in an out of that ring takes that stick (Also known as a Signapour cane) And shows how things really are with that cane by smacking morons in the face with it, Just like John Edwards did with his Sermons. We need more people in this world LIKE the Sandman and John Edwards. And I will open up like I am doing right here and say whats on my mind, regardess.