Sunday, April 8, 2007


Today I saw something on the news I thought was a joke. A female Astronaut attempts to comit first degree murder on another astronaut, by driving 900 miles (wearing a diaper so she woulden't have to make any rest stops thus meaning she shit and pissed herself all the way and sat in it for days) THEN when she found the other astronaut. She went physco and attacked her victom's car with Pepper spray and a BB-gun. Since her victom was in a car she went Sandman on the car to get the victom. She managed to crack the victoms car enough to fill the cabin with her pepperspray before the victom finally drove away and reported it.

Heres the Irony. THIS IS AN ASTRONAUT! A person who has been through vigerous training, someone who has mastered every advanced math on the planet. Someone who is trained to endure a good period of time in the dark vacuum of space (which will drive people mad after awhile.) Goes out and does this.

First off. With failed love, It practicly gives you 3 personalities. There is the personality that loves the person to death. The Personality is enraged by the fact that you love them and they don't give a rat's ass about you. And the 3rd personality is your logical side which craves both. Now When your in a dire situation as hers it switches nearly every hour. MEANING while she was driving 900 miles wearing a diaper sitting in her own shit, She had ALOT of time to think this over. That ride had to be atleast a few days long. THAT IS ENOUGH TIME for a shift.

Second. If I were to go on a crazyed adventure to do some crazy assed thing. I WOULD ATLEAST STOP TO USE THE RESTROOM! HEY LADY NEWSFLASH! YOUR NOT IN SPACE! YOU ARE HERE ON EARTH DUMBASS! THERE ARE COUNTLESS BATHROOMS ON THE SURFACE OF THE FUCKING PLANET! And for a women that is the most unfemine thing ever. Drive 900 miles sitting in your own piss and poop!

Third. If your going to kill someone. FOR CRYING OUTLOUD YOUR AN ASTRONAUT! Why not just wait for the next shuttle mission then flush your victom out the airlock. That would kill em for sure! After all in space NOBODY can hear you scream, and Oh yes your in luck because the authorities would be able to do nothing about it since your atleast 200 miles above nearest police station. (That is only if they don't get China to launch there new Anti Sat Missle at you.)

Congradulations NASA. On making America looking even more like a joke.

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