Sunday, April 8, 2007

Who gives a flying rat's ass about the Oscars?

''BIG NEWS! So and so wore a certain dress at the Oscars......etc....''

Okay this is a message to the media. I doub't your going to read this but here is a message for you. SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY! The Oscars are over and every news channal is still going on about it.

I diden't give a shit when the Oscars WERE ON. What makes you think I give a shit now? Oh! Get this. At the Oscars John Travulta and his overattractive and stupid wife claimed they were "religious" and the dumbass anchor interviewing them congradulated them. What is there so called "Religion" SCIENTOLOGY. Don't even get on Scientology. We all know Scientology is NOT a religion, all one big scam created by a con artist who had an insufficiant manhood, His name being Lron Hubbard.

GMA, CNN. Don't you have anything BETTER to cover? Maybe the children in africa who are starving. The only Celebrity I have found interesting in the past few weeks is Brittney Spears. (I think she looks good bald) But last week she went sandman on the Paparazzi <- (however the hell that word is spelled.) So that makes her badass while all the squares call her "a cry for help." But the Oscars. Give me a break. Like I really WOULD want to watch glitz and glamour facism at its finest. Ive never been a fan of glitz and glamour. Beauty is only skin deep. THAT MEANS WHEN YOU GET OLD AND WRINKLY YOUR NOT SO PRETTY ANYMORE! Whats the point of it? Oh and masterbation is not an exuse. (In my opinion giving into ones hormones is weak and pathetic but thats for another time) Eitherway. WHY LOOK AT SOMETHING YOU WILL NEVER HAVE???

The Other day Fox news did a segment. They showed teenagers and young girls a picture of Rosa Parks. NONE OF THEM KNEW WHO SHE WAS. But when they pulled out a picture of Paris Hilton (A person who has made NO GREAT ACHIEVMENTS WHAT SO EVER) All of them could Identify her. To all you groupies reading this. There is only ONE piece of factual Gossip you need to know about these "stars" you look up to and here it is. THEY ARE EQUALLY AS STUPID AS YOU ARE GET SOME REAL FUCKING ROLEMODELS!

Im done.

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