Friday, June 22, 2007

A message to christians.

I am going to clear everything up in a nutshell.

There is NO SATAN. Since you are going to be blaming him for everything I say and do. I will start with him first. He doesn't exist plain in simple. You really want to know why we have adultry, murder, stealing, cheating, and cursing? Because we created it for ourselves.

You created the concept and system of marriage. Thus you created adultry. You made a system for an emotion nobody has a true understanding of. There are many cultures that just have orges and not care, no guilt.

Murder, lying, stealing, and cheating? This one is humanities fault BIGTIME. We created an economy. We created the concept of money, We created our own natrual selection we created our own fight for survival in our own system. All of the above is our own creation.

Cussing, Hilarious, vocal language is our own creation aswell. Well fuck! Diden't we create fuck? Offensive? Its only offensive because humanity has MADE it offensive for themselves. "FUCK" means the same thing as "sex" When you say "sex" you are essentially saying "FUCK" Lets see bitch used to simply mean "A female dog" Now it means whore. Because us humans made it that way. Let me guess your offended? That is only because you are ignorant enough to believe its offensive. You let society tell you a word is offensive when infact the word is our own creation and no differant than sex. Another abstract and rediculous taboo of your own creation.

Let me guess. SATAN is tempting me through my emotion to totally dislike your fascist belief and to think like that and disprove that he does not exist? That lets me to my next prove that your religion is no more than hipocrosy. Lets take a look at some Old Testament books shall we? The ones that tell us that we can "Sell our daughters into Slavery." OH OH and lets not forget how your God killed "All the first born babies in egypt"

Lets take a look at your basic defenses for this that I hear most of the time. Shall we?

They were enemies of God and evil. First born babies? Evil? How can a being who is not old enough to understand any concept of good or evil or even act any be evil? That verse sounds more like a message of hate to egyptions.

Lets take a look at the flood. How can an entire fucking planet be evil? Wait wait, you christians put in your ten comandments "Thou shall not kill" and yet your God whom told you this decided one day he would comit mass genocide and spare one family, Ya alot of love there.

Another lame defense. It's the Old testament, It doesn't count. Oh really? Then why are you using Genesis everytime you want to argue with a scientific theroy? If your Old Testament does not count in a moral debate same goes with any scientific debate.

Let me guess. You think by me not agreeing with you that I automaticly reject God? No thats not the case. Even EVOLUTION doesn't reject God. Its only a theroy, it has flaws. Even Einstien's releativity has flaws. Here is what I find funny. You blame darwin for evolution when infact he only came up with natrual selection which is already proven. Animals adapt to their enviroment to survive. IE Artic Fox, grey fox. Morally we have created "Natrual selection" for ourselves. We created a system where the people with the most money survive. Strongest, and smartest survive. Anything outside of nature is our own fault. No satan, just you, just me, just human freewill.

You want to know the real absolute truth? We don't know the meaning of our own existance, if there is a meaning for that matter. We could have souls or it could just be braincells. Truth is none of us know. I find both fundementalism in both christianity and Athiesm silly. Why assume, why? Maybe that is all us humans are good at, Is making assumptions. Why make assumptions for stuff we can't explain.

Myself, I HOPE for the existance of a divine creator. Doesn't mean I believe one exist and Im definatly not going to live my life based on an assumption. I will say fuck, I will listen to what ever music I want to even if its "Emo, rap, rock, country" whatever. I will dress however I want. Everything I will do that you choose to take offense to is your own creation, your own problem and not mine.

Let me guess, praying for me? If God exists then I already found him. Through enlightenment and knowlege. My only "religion" is to do good, feel unconditional love, forgive, even if the person has differant beliefs, or opinions than me. You christians want to emulate the behavoir of Jesus Christ. Then grow the fuck up. Quit doing and forcing what YOU Believe in. quit being so narrow, quit taking everything in a book created by yours truly "Man" as an absolute fact in truth.

Im done for now.

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